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Avoiding 10 Common Pitfalls in Work-Related Injury Management

Work-Related injury management presents challenges for employers and other stakeholders. Identifying the 10 common pitfalls in work-related injury management is crucial to health and safety professionals in companies of all sizes and in any type of industry. This webinar covered the following:

  • 10 common pitfalls of work-related management
  • Recommendations on how to avoid each pitfall
  • Key takeaways to practice when avoiding the 10 pitfalls

Our expert presenter, Dr. Peter Greaney, M.D., is the founder, medical director and CEO of WorkCare, Inc., the nation's largest physician-owned and managed occupation health company. He serves as medical director for more than 30 national companies in industries varying from biotechnology to hazardous materials. Dr. Greaney presented "Avoiding 10 Common Pitfalls in Work-Related Injury Management" on Tuesday, January 27, 2015.

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